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Top 25 Easter Gifts For Kids

Top 25 Easter Gifts For Kids

Top 25 Easter Gifts For Kids

Chocolate is always the top choice at Easter, but it is far from the only option for the little people in your life. The following ideas offer some alternatives to the traditional chocolate egg for a more interesting take on the usual Easter gift.

1. Clothes

Easter is all about rebirth, so what better time to give your little one’s wardrobe a revamp with some new spring-ready Body Suits or sleepsuits, like this Terry Sleep and Play Suit?

Terry Sleep and Play Suit

2. Stuffed lambs

You cannot go wrong with a stuffed animal, and lambs make the perfect seasonal friend at Easter.

3. Stuffed chicks

Chicks are another cuddly option that kids of all ages will adore.

4. Lamb patterns

Lamb prints or motifs are the perfect choice for a practical gift that still offers some seasonal appeal.

5. Chick t-shirts

Combine a traditional Easter motif with a clothing item that will get your little one ready for the warmer weather to come.

6. Spring colors

The world is your Easter oyster if you simply choose a gift that is bursting with springtime tones. You could choose everything from a pair of shoes in sunflower yellow to a practical yet stylish Wash Cloth Set.

7. Ducks and birds

Ducks and birds are also great springtime motifs and can adorn a while range of items, from bags to bathtime essentials, such as this 7 Piece Bambini Bath Set.

7 Piece Bambini Bath Set

8. Bunny ears

Nothing says Easter like a fun pair of bunny ears!

9. Bunny toys

There is no shortage of bunny toys available out there, from stuffed animals to cute statuettes and figurines.

10. Spring games

Put a spring in your little one’s step this Easter with a fun take on the theme. How about the spring in a pogo stick for a start?

11. Easter board games

Board games are always a good choice, especially when families have a little more time to spend with each other. Take a look at Rabbit Rally by Haba, Chicken Drop by Little Treasures, or Count Your Chickens from Continuum Games.

12. Craft items

Choose to buy a ready-made set or create your own. You could buy a basket and fill it with all the ingredients to make a great Easter bonnet or everything a little one would need to create their own Easter egg hunt.

13. Easter hats

If you do not want to make an Easter bonnet, you could buy one instead. Why just get a hat for Easter when you could get your little person one that they could enjoy for months? Hats are also an easy buy because you can choose one to fit the needs of an individual child, such as a team baseball cap for a sports fan or a summer hat and clothes set, such as this 7 Piece Summer Bambini Layette Set, for the baby in your life.

7 Piece Summer Bambini Layette Set

14. Gardening gifts

Easter is all about new life, so why don’t you buy the kids something to grow or some tools to tend what is already in your yard?

15. Family experiences

Make memories rather than stuffing your children with chocolate by buying them a gift experience. This could be anything from a race car driving day to a horseback riding taster session.

16. A clock or watch

Easter is about new beginnings, so why not symbolize the passing of time and the start of a new era with a lovely clock or watch?

17. Event tickets

Make the most of more family time with tickets to a seasonal event, favorite show or even a trip to the movies.

18. Easter music

Little ones usually love music, so you could find some recordings of great themed songs and nursery rhymes, such as Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sleeping Bunnies and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

19. Growing gifts

Easter often features a celebration of nature and growth, but you could celebrate your little one’s growth with a new pair of shoes in the next size up, a bigger set of clothes, or even a measuring stick to keep track of their height.

20. Gift sets

If there is a new baby in your world, celebrate Easter with a great gift set. Spring is not all about the birth of fluffy animals, after all.

There are lots of other gift ideas that could really set you apart from the present-buying pack, including fairy or gnome garden making kits that can really give kids a sense of achievement and wonder (21), Easter cupcake making ingredients or kits (22), an indoor plant to take care of (23), a paddling pool or garden toy to celebrate finer weather (24), or a religious token (25) to symbolize the original meaning of the Easter period.