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Top 10 Christmas toys for girls

Top 10 Christmas toys for girls

Top 10 Christmas toys for girls

When Christmas rolls around, it may feel like an endless chore to decide what to ask Santa to bring the special little girl in your life. With stores full of pink, is there a place for alternative gifts for girls? Do you need to think outside of the themed box and come up with something more befitting to your little princess?

Here is a look at the ten best gifts for girls of all ages this Christmas so you can avoid all of the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping.

V-tech smart watch

If you have a daughter or relative who isn't quite ready for a cell phone but is eager to have her own device, a smart watch could be the ultimate compromise. These V-tech watches are designed with kids in mind. They are easy to use and have a range of useful functions, such as step counting, voice recording and GPS location tracking as well as the usual calling and texting options. Parents and guardians have full access and control of all usage through an app and can even put it in "school mode" for designated periods.

Cash register

Cash register

What little girl doesn't enjoy running an imaginary store? A toy cash register is a great way to teach kids about money and encourage simple addition and subtraction. Their imagination and communication skills will be enhanced through the role-play side, while their numeracy skills develop through handling money... and it all happens under the guise of playing a fun game!

Home kitchen or workshop

Another great option that encourages healthy role-play is a toy kitchen unit or a toy workbench. Whichever version your little girl prefers, it will teach her hand-eye coordination, teamwork and important social skills. It also offers some beginners' knowledge of cooking or building, which could ignite an interest or passion for later in life.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

Hi-fi systems are becoming a thing of the past. If you want to help move your daughter's sound system into the 21st century, buy her Bluetooth speakers instead. These are usually portable, wireless and have excellent sound quality. They can be found in a number of colors and styles - from animal-shaped to neon - so you're sure to find something that will fit in with her personality.

Motivational books

In an age where young girls face more scrutiny and judgment than ever before, empower your daughter with the inspiration, resilience and strength of strong women throughout history through reading. Suitable books vary depending on her age, but there are a wide range of picture books for young children as well as literary classics like A Handmaid's Tale, The Bell Jar and Malala's Magic Pencil for older girls.

Gift experiences

For some girls, the lasting memory of having a great time with friends will make a bigger and more enduring impression than any tangible gift ever could. The possibilities are endless here, from activity days, nature and crafts to manicures, shopping trips or afternoon tea. Think about your daughter's interests and what would excite her and her friends and you're sure to find something that will make a mark.


Journaling has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental health and wellbeing in children and adults alike. It helps young people in particular to acknowledge their thoughts and feelings. A beautiful journal and some cute stationery could be so much more than a regular gift for your daughter - it could be a ticket to self-expression and increased overall wellbeing.


A dollhouse could be the perfect gift for the mini homemaker in your family. It's another great role-playing tool but one that encourages imagination, spatial awareness and emotional intelligence. It could even ignite an interest in interior design!

Butterfly kit

Butterfly kit

Butterfly kits are the perfect, educational way to learn about the fascinating life cycle of caterpillars and butterflies. You'll receive your own enclosure and everything you need to observe the process until you can finally release your very own butterflies.

Portable photo printer

What little girl doesn't adorn her room with snaps of her and her friends? Portable photo printers give her the option to print as many as she likes from her device and can help her learn about photography along the way. There are a range of age-appropriate devices on the market, many of which come in cute colors and designs so she can decorate her bedroom walls or gift photos to friends.