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Best Kids Birthday Party Themes

Best Kids Birthday Party Themes

Best Kids Birthday Party Themes

There are so many fun ways to celebrate in style. Try one of these fantastic themes and create a unique party to suit your little one.

Best Kids Birthday Party Themes

Under the sea

Lots of children have a phase of fascination with the oceans, and this theme is perfect for them. There is also a lot of potential for what specifically interests your kid. From sharks and whales to tropical fish or even mermaids, anything can be made a feature with this style of party. With some blue fabric hung from ceilings or in doorways, it will feel like an underwater paradise! You could even make it a costume party for added underwater entertainment.

To help keep the kids occupied, you could have a sandbox outside if the weather is good. Children can make sandcastles for hours! Alternatively, what about letting them make a sand art picture to take home or finding shells to make into necklaces or bracelets?

Many kids love fish fingers and French fries, so they’re a safe choice. Shell-shaped pasta would be ideal, or you could even serve sushi for the more adventurous children. For sweet treats, an ice cream station would be so much fun, or try cupcakes with shark fins or mermaid tails on top.

Summer camp

Whether your kids have been to summer camp yet or not, they will love the fun this theme provides: sports, arts and crafts, and campfires. This one is best held outside for maximum fun. Try decorating the tables outdoors with gingham tablecloths or even lying them on the grass. If you can find some, logs or bales of hay to sit on will add to the vibe.

Set up some sporting activities. For younger kids, you could plan extra silly games like sack, three-legged, or egg and spoon races. Comfy clothes that are easy to move in, like these Tank Tops and Sweatpants, will be ideal for this. Summer camps can specialize in all different areas, so you could have an art station to make fun projects or play some drama games.

Tank Tops and Sweatpants

With a summer camp party, serve hot dogs around a campfire while telling stories and make some s’mores to finish it off. Delicious!

Pajama Party

Even if you don’t want to host a sleepover (or the kids are too young for one), try a pajama party. Kids will love the opportunity to wear their pajamas all day! For decor, make things cozy, with lots of blankets, cushions and pillows for everyone to cuddle up with.

For fun and games, try challenging them to make a den with all the blankets or play a game of hide and seek among all the pillows! Depending on the ages of the children involved, you could have nail painting or practice hairstyles and then get everyone to cuddle up and watch a movie together.

When it comes to food, why not try having a breakfast food theme? The kids will love having it for their dinner. You could have a pancake station, waffles and even eggs and bacon. Make sure you have plenty of maple syrup!


For younger children, this is the perfect theme. Who doesn’t love Disney! You can just go classic or focus on your kids' favorite Disney movie or character. This will decide your decorations, too. If in doubt, go with the red, black, white and yellow colors of Mickey and Minnie.

Activities for a theme like this could include pin the bow or ears on Mickey and Minnie. There could be an art station for them to make their own ears headband. These could be worn instead of party hats and taken home by the lucky partygoers! Add in some dancing games, and your party is all set.

The food could be nice and simple with lots of favorites. Try a big batch of macaroni and cheese or sandwiches and potato chips. Let the kids decorate their own cookies related to the theme for dessert.



This is another ideal theme that has lots of scope to be personalized to your child’s favorite things, with princesses or dragons, giants on beanstalks or big bad wolves, or even try a mix of them all! Decorate with green fabrics to look like magical forests.

Pull together some fun dressing-up items for your guests to try on. Crowns, princess dresses, red-hooded capes, and bear ears would all be great fun. Maybe you could let all the guests plant their own magic bean to grow their own beanstalks!

Fairytale food like fruit skewer wands, braided cheese sticks and pink lemonade for a drink will add to the magic!