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6 Trending Toddler Summer Styles

6 Trending Toddler Summer Styles

6 Trending Toddler Summer Styles

Toddler clothes may need to be practical, but they can also be stylish and fashionable. If you want to make sure that your little one stays looking cool this summer, here are six trends you need to note.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones are big news for summer 2021, along with lots of green. There is also a trend for bleached colors, inspired by the use of sustainable dyes. This can bring winter fashions into the new seasons, creating sun-bleached looks that look great at the beach or at a barbecue.

Unisex styles

Forget sticking to blue for boys and pink for girls. This summer’s styles celebrate unisex fashions and diversity. There is a particular focus on colors deemed to be genderless, with favorites including peach and melon. Of course, pinks and blues don’t have to be put away for the season. Why not switch them up a little and dress your toddler in cobalt blue with a fizz of sizzling hot pink?

Add a sherbet fizz to a toddler’s wardrobe with pastel colors elevated with a pop of bright color. Alternatively, you can team pastel colors with bright white, such as this 2 Piece Shirt Short Set, for a fresh, summer feel that will never go out of fashion. Just make sure that you have some stain remover on hand for when those ice cream cones drip!

2 Piece Shirt Short Set

A family affair

There is nothing cuter than a family fashion ensemble, and this summer, there is a real trend for matching outfits. The look means parents and kids dressing alike, whether that is mom and daughters in matching evening dresses or dads and sons rocking stripes, tracksuits, or bold-lettered shirts.

Stripes are also big news this year, and this is an easy way to create a matching look with outfits to suit all ages. From nautical-feel ensembles to striped sweaters and jeans, this is a look that is super easy to pull off, whatever your age and personal style.

Timeless design

The global coronavirus pandemic shook many people’s worlds, and it is perhaps the quarantine that has sparked a focus on timeless designs for adults and children alike. The mainstays of this summer’s toddler wardrobes focus on durability and designs created to last through the seasons - and the years. There is once again a large number of people who will invest in staple and luxury items with the intention of passing them down through the family and even to future generations.

This focus on less disposable fashions also has its roots in a growing desire for more sustainability. This means that people are looking for ways to look after the planet as well as their children, often choosing handcrafted and environmentally-friendly garments that fulfill their need for social consciousness, as well as their desire for stylish toddler clothes.

Celebrating outdoors

Covid-19 meant many children spent more time indoors than they may have otherwise, but now there is a real celebration of the great outdoors. This is being reflected in popular fashion designs. Garden and tropical prints will be big news this summer season, as will ocean themes and those inspired by nature. Animal patterns will be booming in popularity, along with floral designs featuring ivy and daisies. Sunflowers will also be a favorite on everything from pretty dresses to functional and fashionable jumpsuit designs, such as this Sunflowers Tie Jumpsuit.

Sunflowers Tie Jumpsuit

Festival feel

Many toddler clothes will have a festival feel this summer, and there is a 1970s vibe going on. This can be seen in retro designs sporting handcrafted embroidery, nature symbols and spiritual messages.

Toddler fashion can also incorporate a grunge element this summer, especially when combined with timeless classics. There has never been a time when aristocratic style can be so easily combined with casual streetwear. Think about teaming smart shorts with rock-style t-shirts or a smart shirt with board shorts for a really eclectic, individual look.

Don’t be afraid to let your toddler’s clothes speak for themselves, either. In true festival fashion, motif tees and sweaters are big news this summer, as are extravagant outfits that are designed to stand out from the crowd. Think multicolored skirt sets, like this 3 Piece Baby Girl One Set, and funky polo shirts and shorts, and you will have a feel for what your toddler can really rock this summer.

3 Piece Baby Girl One Set

Geometric prints will also be in style this summer season, offering a retro feel that combines perfectly with timeless staples. Throw a bold-printed shirt over a simple white bodysuit for an outfit that can easily be adapted when the colder weather arrives once again.