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5 Back to School Styles for Toddler Girls

5 Back to School Styles for Toddler Girls

5 Back to School Styles for Toddler Girls

As the country begins to open up more, children must get ready to go back to school. Some younger children may not have even set foot on school premises until now. Don’t worry if this is a whole new world for you and your daughter - we have some great style ideas to share with you.


Being in the classroom and on the playground is going to involve lots of moving and running around. As cute as ruffles and lots of fabric may look, make sure your toddler is dressed sensibly. There are some gorgeous and practical clothes out there right now. Try looking for hard-wearing jeans, especially if they can be easily pulled up and down to help her cope when it’s time to try the toilet. Jeans can be colorful and fun, like these Rainbow Bear Jeans, so your daughter will love to wear them. Add a top to suit the weather and your daughter's taste. A colorful or quirky t-shirt is practical and fun, and there is a huge variety of designs available. A jumper or cardigan can be layered over the top for warmth if necessary.

Rainbow Bear Jeans

Don’t forget about other practical items. Your child will need a new backpack to hold the items she needs for school, such as a water bottle, snacks and a change of clothes. Consider letting your daughter pick out the backpack she wants to make sure she’s excited about it. There are some beautiful, colorful and fun bags out there. If she has long hair, it’s a good idea to tie it back. A simple ponytail will be fine, but you can also have fun with some more interesting hair styles if you like experimenting!


There are lots of little girls who insist on wearing dresses, but these can still be perfect for heading to school. T-shirt dresses come in a huge variety of styles. We love this Striped T-Shirt Dress with cute zebra faces peering out. Something like this can be matched with colorful legging pants or tights in colder weather or worn on its own if it’s warm.

Many other dress styles will also work for school. Look for jersey or cotton blends to keep your daughter comfortable and cool. A tank dress can be worn with a T-shirt underneath to make it work all year-round. Layering can be the perfect way to get different looks and accommodate changing weather conditions.

Matching sets

Mornings can be a rush at the best of times, but getting ready for school magnifies this. Make the decisions on clothing super easy by looking for ready-made matching sets. Prepare for the next day by laying the clothes out the night before. There are so many cute little outfits available, from sweatpants with a hoodie to a skirt and t-shirt. When the weather is warm, a shorts set could be the perfect option, like this cute Giraffe and Zebra Set.

Giraffe and Zebra Set

A ready-made matching set is also a good option for a spare set of clothes. Accidents happen and children get messy, so spare clothes are a must for the backpack. If she needs to get changed, something comfortable and easy to wear is ideal, like this cute pink Rainbow Ribbed Set.


With lots of opportunity to run around, climb and play, practical shoes are a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good, too! Make sure you find a pair your daughter can take on and off herself but that will also allow her to move freely and climb easily. Something fun like these Rainbow Strap Shoes would be perfect. You may also want to look for some practical sandals for warm weather and waterproof boots for rain and cold.

Don’t forget the coat!

Even if they don’t want to put it on in the morning, it’s important to have a practical coat for school. It needs to be easy to wear and suitable for cold or rainy weather. If your daughter loves the look of it, it will be easier to persuade her to wear it, so consider something cute like this Love Heart Plaid Hooded Jacket.

Love Heart Plaid Hooded Jacket

Your concerns about her clothes may be related to the practical elements, like ensuring she is dressed comfortably and can manage to go to the bathroom, but your daughter will want clothes she loves. Whatever her tastes, the ideal clothes are out there for her. Get her involved in choosing the items to really get her excited for the new adventure of school life.