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5 Back-To-School Styles For Toddler Boys

5 Back-To-School Styles For Toddler Boys

5 Back-To-School Styles For Toddler Boys

When it comes to dressing your toddler boy for school, you need a look that lets his personality shine through. You'll also need to ensure his stylish outfits are comfortable and practical, especially for a day of tumbling, climbing, painting and exploring. Whether you have a sporty little boy, a skater dude or more of a dapper dresser, we've collated the five best back-to-school styles for toddler boys and even offer a few specific outfit suggestions. We've also added some top tips for practical dressing for preschool.

The Sporty One

T-Shirt and Track Sweatpants Set

A sports-inspired outfit is ideal for little boys who already can't get enough of football, baseball or basketball. Whether you go for mini versions of well-known sporting labels or you opt for sporty-style clothes from a trusted kids' clothes manufacturer, such as this T-Shirt and Track Sweatpants Set, the most important thing to consider when choosing your son's clothing is comfort. Match a hoodie and joggers with a simple sporty tee and a pair of sneakers for the ultimate sports look. If your little one already has a favorite team, you might even be able to find a top that they can wear to show their support!

The Preppy One

The all-American preppy look is super cute on toddlers and the perfect choice for a back-to-school style. Choose navy, cream and red colors, and if you can, find a tee with collegiate-style writing on the front. Striped patterns, v-neck sweaters and cardigans are also great choices for a preppy toddler boy look. Mix a preppy top with soft joggers to ensure all-day comfort, and team with a pair of soft blue, brown or white deck shoes. During summer, this stylish Boys Tank Tops and Boxer Shorts Set from The Kid Experience makes for a lightweight, kid-friendly preppy look. You never know... nail that preppy look now and they may well be on their way to an Ivy League college in 15 years!

Boys Tank Tops and Boxer Shorts Set

The Smart One

Some kids just like looking smart. Perhaps they want to emulate their father going off to work in a suit or they rightfully consider preschool as the start of a meaningful career. Smart toddler-friendly outfits take details from adult clothes and add them to comfortable toddler outfits. This includes tees with printed ties, cardigans over shirts, chinos with elastic waists, and elegant but super-comfy shoes.

The Street One

While some kids like to look like they're "book smart", others simply have street smarts. The urban street look is an excellent choice for toddler boys. It makes a statement and starts them on a course of great future taste. Nailing the street look for toddlers isn't easy, but consider a pair of jeans with an elastic waist, a pair of branded sneakers and a statement tee. The street look and the sporty look are bound to cross over, so it's easy to mix and match across these two popular styles to create a striking look every day of the week.

The Skater One

Okay, he may not have stepped on a skateboard yet, but if your little boy already loves anything with wheels, this may be the path he follows. The skater look is about as cool as it gets; think wide-legged pants, hoodies and an oversized cotton t-shirt. A summer cap is another great accessory that can be used with this style, but also to complement the sporty or preppy look. Next time they head out on their scooter or balance bike, they'll really look the part.

The Skater One

Top tips for preschool dressing

Many parents want their kids to look A-list when they start or return to preschool, but it's probably wise to avoid putting them in anything too expensive. That means no designer labels or high-end sports brands. Remember, the biggest sign that your kid has had a great time at preschool is when they come home covered in paint and mud. Make sure you label all their preschool clothes to avoid a mix-up with other children and to help staff identify missing clothes. And as any mom or dad of a preschooler knows - be sure to pack some extra clothes in their bag because anything can happen in a morning at preschool!

Whatever look you choose for your toddler boy's back-to-school style, make sure he is comfortable, warm and wearing clothes that allow for movement. Whether you think you have a preppy kid, a skater boy or an urban master on your hands, make sure you dress him in style next term.