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2021 Children’s Fashion Trends

2021 Children’s Fashion Trends

2021 Children’s Fashion Trends

Kids’ clothing has been big business for many years, and just like adult styles, there are fashions to follow. The 2021 children’s fashion trends look simpler this year because there are lots of copycat "mini me" styles to dress kids like little adults and copy their parents. Look out for lots of denim, lots of color, and statement prints this year.

There is something to suit all personalities, too, with sugar-sweet pastel colors just as trendy as bolder brights. Don’t be shy about mixing classics with something more eclectic for 2021; your kids might be wearing a cape in place of a coat this year!

Fashion for girls

There is still a lot of volume around for 2021, with lots of layered petticoats and plenty of lace. If puffy skirts aren’t your style, you can opt for layers of different lengths that will still give you a pretty look without the volume. For summer, pretty sundresses will remain the big trend, but this year, they come with lots of quirky details. That might be an asymmetric hemline, a fancy collar, or extra frills.

Retro vibes

Tutu Skirt

The full skirts so many little girls love, like this Tutu Skirt, are in style this year, with a sleeker silhouette on top. Separate them with a pretty belt and oversized bow for a 2021 look that gives an '80s classic a new twist for this year.

It’s all about accessories this year for girls. Look for bags and scarves, and don’t forget hair accessories - headbands and clips work with any hairstyle and are an easy way to add a color pop to more muted colors in the main outfit.

Girls’ color trends

If you’re choosing a classic style, go for rich, dark shades like forest green, midnight blue or plum colors. Balance them with the lighter pastels like lilac, marshmallow, or pistachio to make sure your little girl isn’t aged too much. It’s also a good distinction between the adult styles and the children’s looks to add a splash of a much "younger" shade.

Inspired by this year’s Awards Season, there’s a lot of yellow around, too, including bright, sunshine, and canary yellow.

Pretty patterns

Belted Stripe Dress

As far as pattern goes this year, bold is beautiful. Stripes are always in style, as are florals and animals; just make sure they’re big, such as this Belted Stripe Dress.

Fashion for boys

The trends for boys continue and are a choice of either classic or street style, both of which lend themselves to looking like little adults. Sportswear as leisure wear is another popular option; just make sure it fits correctly and has something to tie it all together (like a color or a stripe down the seam) so it looks deliberate and not untidy.


Jeans will always be a wardrobe essential for boys, and a smart pair with no rips can be dressed up or down. A checked shirt and a pullover or a t-shirt and sneakers will give options to a favorite pair of jeans.

Accessories for boys

In 2021, like for girls, scarves are big news for boys. You’ll see them with classic styling and winter coats, maybe even with a matching hat, but also much more informal with the urban styles.

Wardrobe staples

Trends come and go, but there are some items of clothing beside jeans that every boy should always make sure are in his wardrobe and in his size. A classic cotton shirt is an essential, whether it's plain white or checked, for a less formal, more personality-filled option. It can be worn with a tie for a special occasion or with an unbuttoned collar for a less formal day.

Boys’ color trends

Bird Print Shirt and Shorts Set

Similar to pattern trends in girls’ clothes, boys' clothes will be big on animals - and animal prints, such as this Bird Print Shirt and Shorts Set- along with geometric shapes, logos and inscriptions. Color combinations of two or more contrasting colors will be everywhere; think a camo print t-shirt with various greens and khakis, then a pair of combat pants in one of the shades picked out of the t-shirt. There is a bit more color this year beyond the usual black, blue and gray. Shades are brighter and lighter, giving everything a fresher feel.

Fashion is important to many parents, but don’t forget that kids still need to be kids, so their clothes should be practical as well as stylish. Check that the fabric is durable and that it will wash well. Natural fabrics are a good choice for those reasons. Above all, the child must feel comfortable wearing the clothes, and don’t forget a pair of well-fitting shoes!