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20 of the best Christmas gift ideas for girls

20 of the best Christmas gift ideas for girls

20 of the best Christmas gift ideas for girls

Christmas might feel like it's somewhere in the distant future right now, but it always has a way of coming up on us quickly!

Here is a look at 20 of the best Christmas gift ideas for girls ranging from toddlers to teens. We like to think outside of the (gift) box to provide you with gift inspiration that will be both fun and useful for the special little ladies in your life.

Wooden food

Fake food items are a great way to educate toddlers about food and cooking. These days, you can pick up sets with fruit and vegetable pieces that velcro together to give the illusion of being able to "cut" the food and learn about the inside of it.

Fairy garden

Creating your own fairy garden gives little girls the opportunity to paint, create and learn about growing plants.

Bath time light show

Your little girl will be mesmerized by this disco-themed, underwater light show that will make bath time super fun and funky.


What little girl doesn't love a dollhouse? Opt for a set with built-in furniture to reduce the likelihood of missing pieces. You can even buy houses that light up and have sound effects!

Princess bedding

Help your toddler transition from the crib to a big girl's bed with princess bedding. The pillowcase features a crown and the duvet cover gives the illusion of a princess's dress and body. It's the perfect gift for the princess in your life.

Butterfly garden

Behold the magic of nature with this awe-inspiring set that includes everything you need to watch butterflies grow from a chrysalis into a butterfly - then you get to release them!

Kids step tracker

Encourage fitness in your child by gifting them a kid's step tracker. The watches and bands work in the same way as an adult's and are available in a range of funky colors and designs.

Origami kit

Teach your girl about the wonders of this ancient Japanese paper folding art. These days, sets include all you need to transform your creations into true works of art.

Good books

Good books

As kids begin to grow and broaden their minds, it's a great idea to equip them with good reading. Interject fun fiction with educational books on themes and people you admire - perhaps some powerful, inspiring women throughout history.

Microscope and camera set

The ultimate gift for budding scientists, this set gives girls the ability to examine whatever interests them close up and then on screen. They can even take pictures to analyze later.

A gift experience

Sometimes great memories can be just as valuable as tangible gifts. Why not book an experience package for your little girl and her friends? Consider a pampering session, horse-riding excursion, theater trip, afternoon tea... the options are endless.


Studies show that journaling can help kids communicate and express themselves through writing. There are plenty of guided journals available for children of various ages, too.

Unicorn bust

A girl's room is her palace. Make it special with an eye-catching unicorn bust to mount on the wall.

Electronic drum kit

Get all of the education of learning to play without the ongoing noise! Electronic kits are portable, touch-sensitive and can be magnified by a speaker or plugged into headphones.

A clothes shopping trip

Teen girls love clothes shopping. Why not gift your girl a shopping excursion complete with personal shopper... and a sensible budget, of course! Even younger girls always benefit from new clothes with the rate they grow out of them! Basics like these Short Sleeve T-Shirts always go down well.

Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Smartphone projector

This nifty device allows for anything played on a smartphone to be magnified times eight on the wall. Bringing films, TV shows and music videos to the big screen simply.

Bluetooth shower speaker

Let her sing along to her favorite tunes while she showers with this waterproof bluetooth speaker... because girls just wanna have fun!

A BFF gift

Giving is great, and equipping your daughter with a gift that can be split two ways (such as matching socks or a set of friendship bracelets) is a great way to enable her to enjoy the gift of giving and share a bond with her best friend.

Chess set

Chess set

Following the popularity of the TV show The Queen's Gambit, there has been a reported 215% rise in chess sets being sold. A teen girl is the star in the show. Why not encourage your girl to be the next one?


Jewelry is a girl's best friend. Make the ultimate statement with a piece of keepsake jewelry for your girl to treasure and hand down.