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15 Indoor Activities To Keep The Kids Occupied

15 Indoor Activities To Keep The Kids Occupied

15 Indoor Activities To Keep The Kids Occupied

Whether you’re at home through choice or necessity, some easy and fun activities to keep your kids occupied are essential. A few of these ideas should keep the kids happy, and you can join in or just set them up and go do something else!

Obstacle course

This one is ideal for younger kids but can be adapted for older kids, too. Some good ideas to start are using pillows as stepping stones, bringing a chair for them to climb on and jump off, using a clothes drying rack as a tunnel, and using blankets to crawl under.

Fort making

Fort making

Leave the pillows and blankets from the obstacle course out, and this leads perfectly on to fort building. Set them a challenge to create their own fort, or help younger kids.


Remember the old playground hopping game? Well, if you have some masking tape on hand, you can lay out a hopscotch on a hard floor and show them how to play. Even for younger kids, the throwing, jumping and hopping are great skills to practice.

Balance beam

Keep that masking tape out and use just a strip for your kids to practice balancing on. You could even put a whole trail out for them to follow. This could also make up part of the obstacle course above.

Daytime bath

Depending on the age of your kids, you would need to be in the same room as you, but a bath can be a great activity. They will love getting in the tub in the day, and being able to just play will be loads of fun. This can last as long as the water is warm enough, and you can wrap young ones up in this cute Hooded Towel afterwards.

Hooded Towel

Ice or water play

Put some towels down and give your kids some bowls, spoons and cups. Get some ice out and let them play. It’ll be fun for them to experiment, and you could give them some different temperature bowls of water if they’re a bit older so they can see how it affects the ice.

Treasure hunt

This can be as simple or as complicated as you have time for. Written clues will work well, and you can lead them on a trail through the whole house. With younger kids, you could draw clues or just hide objects such as play coins or dinosaur figures. The final treasure can be whatever you have!

Cooking time

If you have some time to spare, how about letting them help with the cooking? Kids love to join in, and it could even persuade them to try something new. Whatever their age, there is something they could do to help, whether it's stirring or washing fruit or vegetables.

Puppet show

Challenge your kid to put on a show. If you don’t have puppets, they get to make them first! See if they can retell a story they already know or make up one of their own.

Card games

Teach your kids some card games. Games like Patience will be ideal for kids on their own, and there are lots of options if you have multiple children.

Board games

There are fantastic options for all ages nowadays when it comes to board games, and they can help with learning numbers, colors and shapes for younger kids.


Children of all ages love threading beads, whether they’re making necklaces or bracelets they can wear afterward or creating lengths for a project in their room. It’s great practice of fine motor skills for younger kids, and older ones will love the results.

Make a book

Fold up some paper to create a book shape and leave out pens or pencils for picture or word book creation. The challenge of a longer project is fun for young and old kids.

Balloon fun

Balloon fun

After a party, balloons can hang around for days, but they can also be ideal entertainment. Whether you have one or many kids at home, challenge them to keep the balloon off the floor, play balloon tennis, or blow a balloon along a predetermined course.


If all else fails, turn the lights down low and blast out some tunes. Letting the kids dance will keep them entertained and burn off some energy. If you have time, you can challenge them to freeze as statues when you pause the tunes and pick your favorite. Alternatively, you can close the door and leave them to it while you get some work done!