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12 Great Outdoor Activities For The Whole Family

12 Great Outdoor Activities For The Whole Family

12 Great Outdoor Activities For The Whole Family

Getting outdoors is good for the whole family. It is a fun, healthy way to spend time together. Studies have shown more time outdoors can aid mental health in both children and adults. Plus, all that fresh air should make sure they sleep well!



The promise of a picnic can turn groans into excitement. Often children find their usual sandwich and a piece of fruit extra exciting if they’re eating outdoors! You could involve your children in the preparations and even let them pack some of the snacks in their own little backpack.

Water balloon/snowball fight

Depending on the time of year, both of these activities can be a lot of fun. If it’s warm out, prepare some water balloons and have fun cooling down. In the snow, get wrapped up warm and see how many hits you can get!


Some children will greet the idea of a walk with a groan, but everyone can be won over if you plan it right. Start small and start young. If your children are still babies, consider a baby carrier so you can go off the beaten track. If they’re older, go somewhere you’ve never walked before and tell your kids it’s an adventure!

Fly a kite

As they say in Mary Poppins, “Let’s go fly a kite!" On a windy day, find your nearest open area and get out with a kite. Children love to see them soar up high and give it a try themselves. You could even try making your own!


This is a great way to get older children involved in an outdoor adventure. Geocaches can be found around the world, and there are apps and websites to help you find them. The idea is to find containers using GPS or mobile devices. These will have little items hidden inside them in a real-life treasure hunt! If you’ve tried this before, maybe you could mix things up a bit by making and hiding your own as a family.

Sidewalk chalks

Make sure you have some chalk to hand them on a dry day to get outside. It could be in your back yard, the street outside or somewhere else entirely. Give everyone a piece of chalk and get drawing. You could even draw a hopscotch and play together.

Grow your own

Grow your own

If you have some outdoor space, let the children each have their own section. As a family, you can decide what would be fun to grow and give it a try. This type of outdoor activity could last throughout the year and is ideal for helping kids to learn about plants and what they need. With a bit of luck, you may even be able to eat the results!

Pick your own

Another way to teach children about plants while having fun outside is to find your nearest pick-your-own farm. There are some great options in every state, and nothing quite compares to the taste of fruit freshly picked by your own hands. Make sure everyone is dressed appropriately, and you can go in any weather.

Make a den

Find your nearest wood or forest open to the public and let your children practice their den-building skills. This can be great fun for the whole family. Collecting sticks and branches to create a shelter means you get exercise while also working on engineering skills. If you do well, you could even have a picnic inside it!

Play some sports

If you have a big family, you should manage this one on your own, or you can invite friends over to join in. Start a friendly game of soccer or baseball. Alternatively, try something like dodgeball or even frisbee.

Scavenger hunt

This one can be tailored to suit your family. Come up with some common outdoor items and challenge everyone to find as many as they can. This could be as simple as leaves, a flower and a shell, or you can get more specific. You could work as a team or individually depending on ages and could even have some prizes at the end!

Paint rocks

Paint rocks

This is another fun activity that could run through a whole day or over several days. First, have a hunt for suitable rocks. Next, set up a painting session, which could even be outdoors. Finally, if your children can bear to part with them, you could head out again to hide your rocks for other families to find!